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Celebrating 22+ years of great success, Havana NRG! continues to be one of the strongest Latin orchestras in the Texas area. A lot has happened since our debut in Dallas in the summer of 2002. Not only have we been fortunate enough to perform in every major venue and public event within the State of Texas, but we have also traveled to and performed in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, and even Juneau, Alaska! A residency that speaks volumes, Havana NRG has held the prestigious title of being the house band at Gloria’s Restaurant in Addison, TX since August 2002, enchanting audiences with their electrifying performances on a weekly basis. We have also produced 2 original CDs, “Camino al Cielo” (2003), and “Receta Perfecta” (2009) which, to our surprise, became very popular in the US market and in other countries like Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Comprised of immensely talented musicians, Havana NRG continues to set stages ablaze with their unique musical style, forging a legacy of unforgettable performances and an ever-growing fan base.

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